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MAY 2012

Gurudeva Param Pujya Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj Visit to Hong Kong - 14th to 16th May, 2012

Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj - Hong Kong visit Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj - Hong Kong visit Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj - Hong Kong visit Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj - Hong Kong visit



October 2nd, 2008- Shraddha Purva Diwas is celeberated with a lot of reverence, enthusiasm and joy every year and this year was no exception. According to Maharaj shree the first service should be for our parents, our elders and seniors, as it is their upbringing, care, sacrifices and blessings that have brought us where we are today. Keeping the tradition alive since last nine years we are indebted to Maharaj shree for imbibing in us these cultural values which has inspired us to initiate this activity year after year.

Shraddha Purva Diwas attendees Shraddha Purva Diwas attendees

The event was celebrated by hosting a lunch for our seniors in Holiday Inn Hotel. The whole ballroom was packed with our seniors from all different communities- Sindhi's, Panjabi's, Gujrati's, Muslims, Parsees and Chinese. Their presence and joy kept us inspired to do as much as we could for them.

Shraddha Purva Diwas attendees Shraddha Purva Diwas attendees

The volunteers helped them to their tables and got them seated, where they were served a sumptuous lunch. They were kept entertained through out the afternoon with children's dance performances, games in which everyone participated, Bingo and then they were shown a short inspiring film followed by door prizes and honoring of the most senior man and woman.

Shraddha Purva Diwas attendees

As they left, they were all presented with more going home gifts, the volunteers in return received the gifts of their blessings and love that they will truly cherish. We are very fortunate that the success of our event each year is now drawing a lot of young volunteers. We hope and pray that we are paving a fresh pathway for the younger generation who will continue this service and keep the tradition alive.


The new-year began with a monthly satsang and chanting of special prayers for peace and happiness. A most inspiring and encouraging message from Maharaj ji followed the satsang which is always a special treat for all the devotees.

A seva was organized where the devotees jointly brought food supplies for Mother Teresa’s home which is a shelter for the homeless and street sleepers who have their regular meals there. The devotees also spent some time speaking to some of the residents and the sisters.


Tuesday, December 11th - A few of our volunteers are assisting at a Christmas party for the underprivileged and abandoned children at the Kowloon Cricket Club. The part is held by a few organizations jointly and will be very memorable for the children as they spend a day of fun and games and enjoy a sumptuous tea and gifts from Santa.

Thursday, December 20th – With the winter soon approaching the VJM volunteers have pledged to buy blankets for the residents of the visually impaired home in Pokfulam. Our volunteers will visit the home and hand out the blankets to each one of the residents in the spirit of caring and sharing.


The festive month of November started off with a Diwali Satsang held on the 5th which was followed by dinner prasadam. All the devotees attended the same & received a token of Blessings - a Shree Yantra for Diwali sent by Maharajshri himself all the way from Delhi. Besides Maharajshri gave a live message to one & all present about the significance of the rituals & pujas to be performed during the three days of Diwali for prosperity, peace & happiness.

On the same day a seva was also conducted at a children's home to impart some joy & happiness to them.

Continuing in the spirit of Diwali another seva is also being held on the 16th at the China Coast which is a home for the old people. Members will go there & spend an evening of fun, dance & games followed by dinner that has been catered. It is a real joy to spend time with them & brighten up their faces with those sparkling smiles.

The Maha Mriyunjay monthly jaap will be held on the 19th of this month.





On October 2nd, the SHRADHA PARVA DIVAS was held in Hongkong at the Holiday Inn Hotel, with a lot of fanfare. Members of the Vishwa Jagriti Mission (HongKong) put in a lot of effort to make it a huge success as usual. Each year the numbers are increasing and the enthusiasm growing. Besides Sindhis we also have others like the Chinese, English & Khalsa community joining us. Around 300 senior citizens attended this charity event and enjoyed themselves as the VJM members pampered them thoroughly. A lot of games were played and many prizes given away. There was also singing & dancing to entertain the elders. And the highlight was a sindhi movie that was shown to them that afternoon which emphasized on the mother-in –law and daughter-in-law relationship. The afternoon was complete by honoring the eldest lady in the ballroom with a shawl……and it was so fortunate that we had a 98 year old Chinese lady amidst us that day. A return gift was also given to everyone at the door as they left. It was indeed a great afternoon and a real joy to watch the lovely smiles on all their faces as they went home contented and looking forward to the next year.



On the 17th September was the auspicious occasion of dearest Guruji’s daughter Archika’s wedding with Avinash. As all the Hong Kong devotees could not be present there in person they gathered together on the 17th to pray for the newly weds.

The prayer started by placing the wedding card on the altar & sprinkling some flowers & rice on it. Then a Navgraha shanti path was chanted to invoke the blessings of the navgrahas on the couple as they embark on a new life together.

Devotees from Hong Kong also flew to Delhi to attend the wedding & bless the couple in person. Others sent their good wishes & blessings by way of phone calls.

May the Lord shower his Blessings on Archika & Avinash & fill their lives with lots of joy & happiness.

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