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God's Grace
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God’s Grace

God, the creator of every tiny particle in this world, is content with the laws He has created.

God, the creator of every tiny particle in this world, is content with the laws He has created. Whenever we do something wrong, our conscience within our soul tries to tell us the right thing to do. It makes us feel ashamed and scared and then allows us to awaken within. Many doubts develop within our heart. It is then that the God residing within us tries to point this out to us and asks “Is it something worthwhile you are doing? Whenever there is shame, hatred, concern or fear in doing some deed we do, the soul within expresses repeated concern. God alerts us. God says ”Son, protect yourself from the path you are on for it is wrong”. While doing some deed, if you do not feel any fear or concern but rather you feel happiness and joy and at the same time you feel anxious in telling about it to the whole world, then trust in yourself that the God residing within you has chosen this righteous path for you. God consoles you by saying that you should march on this path. May you carry on this mission with courage and joy. We are blessed by the Great Almighty God. Whenever, in our life’s struggle, we lose courage and the support of the people is lost, it seems like no one wants to help. But God finds someone as a medium to help you.

We, suddenly, realize that the person who offered help was never thought to be someone who could help. At that time God is giving us the opportunity to understand that this is happening based upon all the good deeds we did. God is showering us with His love and kindness. Whenever there has been a possibility of facing some humiliation, you get saved by God. For example, if you were searching hard for a suitable match for your daughter but could not find one even when everyone including your relatives tried, your heart screamed “Oh God! Who else can help me other than you? I am depending on you. Please have mercy on me.” And things would work out and a match would be found.

When He helps you in an invisible way, you then realize that though it took long, the problem still got resolved. You should always remember how merciful God is to you. Even when self- pride keeps growing and the I always enters into everything, you will realize that it is not you but God’s grace that gives you all you have, Then it is our duty that we thank and recognize the Lord. Find few moments to sit in front of Him and pray upon His greatness. Even when you did not deserve He showed mercy and took you under His umbrella. So always remember to say and pray, “Please God, always, have mercy on me. This pride within me is the one that takes me away from you. Please do not let this happen and help me overcome this pride”.

If someone ever does something, even very small, for you, you thank them and you feel grateful to them and feel decency in it. So for one who is always so kind to you, should you not find a few peaceful moments for Him to sit down and thank Him for everything? “Oh my caretaker, my guardian, my great God! How kind you have been to me. You have given me everything. Even after giving me everything you were not at a loss. I got tired of taking so much from you but you never felt you were tired of giving. You always bless me with your love. It is I who has a problem with the shell I possess that I can not create a jewel within it”.

Therefore, I would request that we learn to thank the Great God. Praying and sitting in front of God should not be for asking for something all the time. To worship God for selfish reasons is not correct! People who worship God because they are afraid that may be sent to hell are cowards. So, what is Bhakti? From the time man bows down in front of the Lord is when his devotion and worship begins.. So everybody should pray and thank the Great Lord. It is not necessary that you get in life whatever you wish. You will get some of the things you wished for and some things you did not. It is then that your inner self is not willing to thank God but will instead complain with all the grievances, “Hey God! this is what I did not wish for and this is not of my liking so how can I accept this as good”.

In reality, in sitting and worshiping you learn that what God is giving to us is good and appropriate and justified and the selfish thoughts you have are not good or excusable. Whatever God does, He does for our benefit only. We should always remember that!


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Power of Prayer Guru Vandana Guru Chalisa Guru Vachan Performing Aarti Gems of Wisdom Pravachans-Talks

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