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Power of Prayer Guru Vandana Guru Chalisa Guru Vachan Performing Aarti Gems of Wisdom Pravachans-Talks

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Spirituality deals with the nature of soul and information related to the soul.

The word “Adhyatm” means Spirituality. Adhyatm consists of two words ‘Adhi’ and ‘Atman’ which simply means pertaining to soul. Spirituality deals with the nature of soul and information related to the soul. A soul that is absolute and the ultimate truth. It is a process of leading the total energy in the body to the soul. Spirituality is also believing in a higher power and acting on a value system beyond self-interest. Spiritual journey is interpreting the precious meaning of this unique life given to us.

Spirituality and Religion are not the same, which is inconsistent with the general assumption that religion falls under spirituality. Spirituality is not limited to any religion. People express and experience spirituality in different ways for different reasons. Some might prefer to express it through religion and some might prefer to express in other ways, such as social actions or humanism. Whatever way you choose to express your spirituality, in that expression, you are asking yourself and the world around you questions about the meaning of life or seeking connectedness with the world we live in.

Spirituality can create a sense of wholeness. It is about how you think and feel about life and it’s day to day challenges. Spirituality is also our personal responsibility. To lead a spiritual life, one has to yearn for it and recognize that our spiritual purpose is the main goal of our existence. It is about remembering who we really are and respecting all life forms regardless of their shape or form. It is about compassion. Spirituality is a inward sense of a power. It is a vision of the best you can be. It is also about awareness and about being fully awake to life. Spirituality is an attitude that is positive and looking at the best in everyone and everything. It is all about expanding our capability to live, love and learn.

Spirituality is a term that has various meanings depending upon your belief system. Spirituality is all that enhances love in us and brings peace. Spirituality is a process and lifelong journey of discovery. It is an ever unraveling mystery that is never fully solved. Spirituality seeks to clarify your thoughts, addresses your feelings, and claim [not sure what you are trying to say with the word claim] your beliefs. It is living life as it was meant to be and not as we may have wanted it to be. Spirituality is an art often practiced alone.

Ultimately each one of us experiences spirituality according to our individual values. A strong spiritual base is provided by our Spiritual master, Acharya Sudhanshuji Maharaj, who draws our attention to the qualities we hope to gain by following these six steps:

Seva - To serve humanity in any way in any form. His Holiness advises that everyone must do at least one deed of service each day. It can be anything from picking litter off the street, helping a blind person cross the road, showing someone the way if they are lost, teaching kids a moral lesson, spending some time with a lonely elderly person and making them laugh or bringing joy to a sad person. Giving to charity and cleaning your holy place is also seva.

Simaran – Repetition of God’s name with emotions and feelings. When repeating the holy name, try to dwell in its form. Visualize the sacred form on your mind and feel a strong bond with it. God is all pervading, a Supreme being and Omniscient one. He is all love, ocean of mercy and kind to all.

Satsang – Seek good and holy company. Always cherish the association of a learned or religious person. Consider yourself blessed when you are with enlightened and spiritual people. Our mind gets rejuvenated and our thoughts are renewed.

Svadhyay – Daily study of spiritual text and reflecting upon them. We can only gain spiritual insight when we reflect upon whatever we read and hear from Saints. Repeatedly thinking about the teachings and putting them to practice will make all the difference.

Samarpan – Surrender to the higher power. Lord Krishna has said in the Gita “Surrender your mind to me; direct all your thoughts and actions to Me and you shall no doubt attain me”.

Santosh – Contentment (not based on fulfilling a desire) All is well and good always

Build your Spiritual life on a sure foundation of these golden guidelines and with divine grace. If we want to flourish spiritually and live with spiritual awareness, we have to have an attitude of enjoyment and enthusiasm towards life that leads to a meaningful and mindful life. Life is challenging. Everyone has problems and tribulations that they need to learn how to face. Life is a journey, new opportunities and new prospects are there for everyone, everyday. Life is an examination and assessment which we have to no choice but to excel at.

The definition of life can be different for individuals but the key is to accept and deal with it the best way we can and to excel in whatever we do. Remember life is a precious gift from God and a rare opportunity. Let Spirituality enter in your life.


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Power of Prayer Guru Vandana Guru Chalisa Guru Vachan Performing Aarti Gems of Wisdom Pravachans-Talks

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