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Stress Management
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Stress Management

In modern times, a person seems more stressed and distressed.

In modern times, a person seems more stressed and distressed. Not being able to sleep is the first sign of depression. Being fearful, afraid and scared, feel like crying, angry all the time, stay lonely and not liking anyone’s suggestions are all signs of depression.

You must have seen many times a person walking on the road alone talking to himself. Women, while doing household chores keep talking to themselves and letting out anger on other household members and sometimes even on their own children. By all these examples, it is obvious that there is lot of stress in people. Lot of people have this habit of forgetfulness. They cannot remember things. This problem increases so much that they even start forgetting their own children’s names. Increase in blood pressure is also a symptom of stress. Stress effects memory power, vision, ears and even the digestive power.

After extensive research, the conclusion was that those people were capable and not only their families but the whole world had lot of expectations from them but because of the stress, all their powers got lost or diminished.

A successful student can be a victim of depression. Because of tension, a prosperous businessman can end up losing the business. Woman, a good housekeeper and a mother, when became a victim of tension due to some circumstances can result in ruining the whole home atmosphere. There are lots and lots of example like that.

When external circumstances and incidents create mental pressure at that time whatever our reaction is towards them and due to that when mental pressure is being created, that is tension or stress. Brain cannot tolerate too much pressure. How much can you tolerate? When a person is over achiever and wants to accomplish a lot but cannot for some reason and is not able to fulfill his dreams, as a result tension builds up. Too many ambitions will result in stress. So whatever you have and how much and how little you have, try to be content in that and be happy. Feel the bliss and joy in every moment. Then only we can find happiness in our lives. Unfortunately a person does not do that. By nature, a person always expects or longs for what he does not have and takes it for granted what he has. Small steps and gradually progress will bring you comfort and contentment.

If we want to achieve more in less time, that desire can also contribute to our tension. If one wants to prosper to no end then that person should prepare for that. And the process for that preparation is to get in the habit of taking good night sleep at least for six hours. Getting up early and go for a walk, do exercise and at least laugh with the heart five times and also drink lots of water. Make plans with the help of experienced people and take guidance from right people and then move forward.

We just do the opposite. We sleep late and wake up late, don’t pay attention to our food habits, ignore exercise and be in stress all day long. We take care of things at the last moment.

Thing to remember is when you come home from office, leave office work behind. When you close your shop then it is better not to think about it.

When we do some work in haste and without giving much thought, blame others for our defeat or loss and curse our destiny then we are creating ever lasting tension. You will be unaware of the health problems that can caused by this and which can result in serious illness. Too much stress also effect the heart and can result in heart attack.

There are examples of great men who did great work for mankind but never get stressed. What kind of knowledge they had that they were able to struggle in their life and not get affected by it? That knowledge is to elevate the inner consciousness and nothing else. The more you do this and more things and challenges can be overcome. And also miracles start happening in life.

There are lot of ways one can be stress free. Whatever situations and circumstances one can not change, adjust with them. But the circumstances that can be changed, make every effort to change them. And when you can not change then adjust yourself, have balance and stay calm.

Second solution to reduce stress is to have minimum and limited needs. There are three things – one is necessity, second is comfort and the third is luxury. Whatever is necessary for you, you must fulfill that. The comfort part, if can be attained easily should be fulfilled but if you get involved in luxury and wish to have all comfort things then surely life’s balance will be disturbed. And as a result you will be stressed.

The important remedy is that one must work on some inner journey, like meditation, concentration of mind, singing the glory of Almighty, create some humor in the atmosphere. With all that another important thing is to associated with some great people or have enlightened person in your life for guidance. Then surely one will be stress free.


Health Quest
Answers by His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj

  What are the ways of coping up with stress?

It is all in a state of mind. There is simply no need to panic. However the significant ways of coping up with Stress are Emotional Catharsis i.e. outpour of emotions through games, running, dancing or practice of martial arts. It is always advisable to develop a hobby and enable the mind to break loose from the monotony of work. Sincere Prayers and surrender to the Will of the Almighty is the most significant stress buster. The other ways are –

Choosing a vocation of one’s own choice.

  • Keeping the company of motivators.

  • Reading Motivational and Spiritual Literature.

  • Remaining in the proximity of Nature.

  • Consuming lots of water and fresh fruits throughout the day.

  • Meditating and contemplating on a regular basis.

  • Listening to refined and soothing music specially based on the Indian Ragas.

  • Using soothing colors like white, lemon or blue in clothing and ambience.

  • Seeking the Company of Holy and Detached individuals.

If one follows the right lifestyle and adheres to positive thinking, there is hardly any possibility of Stress t seep in and remain within for a very long period of time.

  How can one achieve concentration and mental peace?

The mind in ordinary cases remains absorbed in the grosser aspects of nature. With the help of the various techniques of concentration, the Yogi or the aspirant is made to grasp the subtle elements of nature known as Tanmatras. The aids to Concentration have to be followed before one tries to reach the higher stages. The first aid is physical and mental cleanliness which help the aspirant to concentrate better. The second stage is keeping the body and spine straight with all the limbs perfectly under control.

The Yoga Sutras believe in keeping the body straight as against Hatha Yoga where 84 Asanas are prescribed for physical well-being and the control of the Pranic forces. Yoga further laid down that the suspension of the breath was the prime most objective of the aspirant. It indicated that proper controlled breathing was the most effective method for Bhutashuddhi or ridding the body of all impurities. It further said that the breath was the holy offering that man always made to God, as the presence of Holy Scriptures was nothing but the result of the out-breath of the absolute being.

The natural mantra which is conjoined by the breath of an individual is ‘SOHAM’ which means that the individual Self is identical with the Cosmic Self (I AM THAT). Therefore one must learn to remain aware of the breath. But above all, it is necessary to keep the thoughts pure, pray sincerely, remain detached and meditate regularly in order to remain peaceful and enhance concentration.

  I find it extremely difficult to cope with marital pressures. What is your advice?

It is said that life acts and you react. Our attitude is our reaction to what life hands out to us. A significant amount of stress symptoms can be avoided or aroused by the way we relate to stressors. Stress is created by what we think rather than by what has actually happened. With a better control of attention one can feel that the world is a more congenial place to live in.

Again, in case of a marital conflict, instead of adopting an accusing and frustrating attitude such as “You made my life hell” or “You are not meeting my emotional needs,” the American clinical psychotherapist Willard F. Harley suggests that accepting “Yes, we have a problem”, helps clear the clods. Failure in adopting a realistic attitude to events creates symptoms of depression and aggravates stress-situation.

  It is said that laughter renews the elixir of life. Is it true?

Yes, it is absolutely true. In fact in India, Haasya Yoga is a method of group laughter that is based on yogic techniques and is practiced widely. The exercises are based entirely on yoga stretching, breathing and variety of stimulated laughs, starting with deep breathing. As simulation helps stimulation, exercise induces laughter – that compliments but is not a substitute for natural laughter. Helping individuals increase their capacity to laugh more, be more self-confident and self-expressive.

With laughter, positive qualities are cultivated, thereby removing negative emotions as jealousy, fear, guilt and anger. The concept of a laughter bank, where people come up with creative ideas for different types of laughter, for instance is to bring into play inner creativity. The fun, frolic and childish attitude thus generated not only reduce inhibitions, but also curtail tensions.


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