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Power of Prayer Guru Vandana Guru Chalisa Guru Vachan Performing Aarti Gems of Wisdom Pravachans-Talks

Power of Prayer
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The Power of Prayer

‘PRAYER’ is power. It illumines the soul, strengthens the mind and purifies the heart. Prayer is the voice of soul. During times of utter distress, when the heart sinks deep into the ocean of sorrow and all doors of help seem to close, the key of prayer unlocks the door of the Lord and provides the anchor of hope to the sinking ship of life. It unfolds the layers of ignorance that conceal the true potential of a person. It is an unfailing bond between a person and God. When the innermost feelings of a person find divine expression, they originate in the form of a prayer. Only the feelings arising from the deepest core of the heart can compel God to shower his blessings, love and kindness. Mass prayers have a miraculous effect on the human mind. It invokes a power to unite with the cosmic forces and reveal the essence of the self. It also enhances a feeling of togetherness and unites a person to a common bond of divinity. A sincere prayer along with the diligent accomplishment of all duties can become instrumental in granting all human desires. Complete submission to God and regular prayers can evoke the undaunted affection of the supreme spirit.

So, early in the morning, when the first rays of sun shine upon the earth, fold your hands together and place the holy image of God in the temple of your heart. Because prayer is the language of the soul, so do not worry about the words that come from your heart. A sincere prayer along with the humble offering of tears has the power to shake the kingdom of God.

When your heart and mind is completely immersed in God and the body begins to sway in divine ecstasy let the following words flow from the core of your soul:

“Oh! Luminous one, the All-Pervading, Omniscient, Omnipotent spirit, the creator of this Universe, the radiance of sun, the calmness of the moon, the strength of the mountains, the softness of the flowers, the force of life behind every moving particle, I open my heart before thee- Please grant me wisdom, so that I do not lose my way in the midst of the Myriad confusions of the mortal world. Letb my mind always remain absorbed within you. Let every thought I weave contain the celestial wisdom granted by you. Grant me the strength so that I can serve thy children with my hands, give me the understanding so that of every moving and stationary creature in the Universe. Make me like a lotus, pure and fragrant amidst the swamp of worldliness. Please make me inseparable from you. I have wandered since several lives. Let me take shelter at your lotus feet. This is my most humble desire. “Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

Begin your day with a spirit of commitment towards God and a sense of Duty towards His creation. Let every thought you think and word you speak become a prayer.


The Power of Prayer
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Power of Prayer Guru Vandana Guru Chalisa Guru Vachan Performing Aarti Gems of Wisdom Pravachans-Talks

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